Pee Wee Champion Audrey Sundell on
Batman with a 71.898. thank you Audrey
and Batman for coming out

2012 B.Tuff Barrel Race was a huge Success! Paid out over $30,000 plus handed out over $3,000 in awards. B.Tuff Entries: Friday; Poles 19, Open 185, Saturday; Peewee 8, Open 235, YOuth 37, Futurity 19, WPRA permit 24, Poles 20, Sunday; Peewee 8, Open 201, Youth 20. We want to thank the SC Productions Crew for all their hard work, everyone that helped carry sponsor flags & everyone that came out to the Minnesota Equestrian Center 2nd Annual B.Tuff Barrel Race. We hope you had a Great time with us!  God Bless!

SC Productions presented a memorial gift to Ed & Brenda Pfaff from Mauston, WI in memory of their great stallion Frenchmans Moonlite aka: Frog, at the March 2012 event. 

Ed & Brenda Pfaff are the nicest people you will
ever meet.  Check out their website:

You know it was a tragedy to lose Frog, but one of the the positives is finding out how many wonderful people there are in this world. You and Shawn fall smack dab in the middle of that category. Have a great week, Ed

Leader of the Pack Tour 2012 held at the MEC March 10, 2012 Open Winners $200 added plus awards 129 entries
1D Jordan Moore on CCR Ring of Fire

2D Tammy Whyte on Playboy

3D Jessie Hueber on Pebbles

4D Angie Gardner on Maverick
One out of the money winners – received awards

1D Cassie Kohlnhofer

2D Carla Doelle

3D Shawn Varpness

4D Mallory Jackels

Saturday winners for the youth

Won Tickets to Nickelodean Universe, Moose Mountain at the Mall of America

 1D Jessie Schreiner

2D Jessie Schreiner

3D Grace Lewison

4D Tara Sauber

Sunday march 11, 2012

Youth winners won Tickets to the Mall of America Nickelodean Universe, Moose Mountain

1D Jessie Schreiner

2D Jessie Schreiner

3D Nora Hestetune

4D Bergan Buesser


Leader of the Pack Tour March 11 Held at the MEC – 80 Entries

1D Johna Ryan on Bad Moon Rison

2D Sabrina Miller on Can’t Buy Your Alibi

3D Sandi Brandli on Levi

4D Riley Brocka on Striding Thistle

1 out of the money award winners

1D Adrianne Kochie

2D Maren Luedemann

3D Hadley Murphy

4D Riley Brocka

At the SC Productions event held at the MEC we celebrated a famous birthday for Mr. Bob Manor from Maiden Rock, WI. 

Bob turned 75 years old on March 11, 2012. 

It was great to see so many family members and friends stop by to see Bob on his special day. 

Everyone enjoyed his cake. 

Tracy Milota - Iowa
Our first trip to the MEC, Casey & Shawn put on a great event! Thanks for your hard work and patience, can't wait to go back!

Edwin Pfaff - Wisconsin

You know it was a tragedy to lose Frog, but one of the the positives is finding out how many wonderful people there are in this world. You and Shawn fall smack dab in the middle of that category.
Have a great week, Ed

Teresa Baumgartner - Iowa
Thanks Casey,Loved the pictures and we had a great time.Can't wait to come back.

Johna Ryan Wisconsin

This was so cool to do! The Pfaffs are wonderful people and SC productions have such class!

Jessica Ann Tremain – Wisconsin
Had an awesome weekend @ Winona!!! Got 4th in the 2D on sat and was at the bottom of the 2D today!!! It was an awesome show thanks to Casey Lorenz-Varpness and Shawn!!!

Cowgirl Tuff Cimarron Sizzler July 15-17, 2011 paid out over $25,000 in winnings plus gave out over $4,000 in awards.
A huge thank you to all our help, sponsors & contestants to make this event so successful!!
"Well, i am very glad that we ended up at the same Barrel Racing event! If not, Who knows if you would be such a believer!
I should be giving a lot of thanks to Casey Lorenz-Varpness for putting on such a great event.
Out of all the events I have worked, I don't know if i have ever hit a better home run than that!" - EquiPride

Just want to take a moment to say "Thank You" to both you and Shawn.  We had a very nice time this weekend and we know
that goes unsaid way to often.  Kudo's to both of you!  Adrian loves coming to your shindigs they are well thought out and organized! 
Which makes mom and dad's time even more enjoyable.  Good luck to both of you in the next endeavor

Thank you,
Nicole Balzer

Testimonies from Feb 4th & 5th, 2012 Event Held at the MEC

Jamie Murphy
Great show guys! Your hard work is paying off and is very much appreciated!!!!

Chrissy Manor Stemmann
Thanks for putting on a great show, it is such a fun time seeing everybody again, and you put on such a wonderful show!! Can't wait for the next one!!

Restn Ranch
Great show guys! Always runs smooth and the footing was good! Thank you! God bless!

Kelly Riesselman
Thanks to you and Shawn for putting on yet another great event! Troy & I love coming to your shows! Your hard work is very much appreciated!

Nancy J Nimmo
Casey, you and Shawn put on a great event; it was fun to watch so many good runs and catch up with great people!

Denise Lecy
Good job, Casey & Shawn & helpers! I had a great time on Sat. My kids stayed out too late that evening so couldn't come Sun. Ringo was tired Sun - sleeping flat out in his stall come feeding time - can tell he's not in shape yet! See ya next time.

JoAnn Bob Manor
Great job. Hope you and Shawn got to relax with a glass of wine and a good movie!!!!!

Johna Ryan
Went to Winnona MN for the barrel race...... it was crazy fun! Casey Lorenz-Varpness and Shawn put on AWESOME shows!! I got to see alot of old friends and meet some new ones! All my ponies picked up checks and the place is so freaken nice!! It was tons of fun!!!

Lynette Listner Beckman
Great Show as usual. Ground was wonderful. Looking forward to end of month. Chat soon, plan on the sponsorship for that sunday!!

Tom Liebert
Let us know when you decide on the colors, We're pumped about geting the blankets put together.

Brenda Bambrough-Pfaff
So proud of my Frenchmans Gracie this weekend. We picked up two checks, and a cooler at the MEC barrel race. Thanks so much Shawn and Casey Lorenz-Varpness for another great show. As always, everything was ran smoothly and efficiently!

Tom Liebert
Thanks for a great guys rock..!!

Showtime Arena
Great show yesterday! Hope today was good as well. Hope to be ready to run at the March one

Johna Ryan
Jackie is from you can add that to the list too. You guys do an awesome job!!! WE ALWAYS HAVE A BLAST AT YOUR SHOWS!! THANK YOU!!!

Becky Pint

Sunnyside Stables
Thanks for everything!! Great show

Deb Pavek Smith
Thanks for awesome show, great job to all who are involved in putting this series on! Cya on the 25th

Lynette Listner Beckman
Fun Weekend!! See you end of the month!!

Tom Liebert
I gotta say..the ground at the MEC is truely some of the best I've run on anywhere and Shawn does a fantastic job of keeping it right....Love that place..

Weir Robin
Thank you for the great job and all the hard work, it really showed you guys put on a very smooth running event. Please thank Shaun for me he also made me feel very welcomed right from the beginning. It was a great experience coming back to the barrel racing world. I would like to reserve electric, stall and warm up sessions. sat and sun. also fri if, you open the doors again on friday night. Agian thanks for everything. Robin and Shirley(thats my mare) lol


Tracy Frazer
Thanks again for another amazing weekend and a great show your show r officially my favorite and my horses love your arena!!! Can't wait to see u and haul with u this weekend!! Hopefully it cools down some for the horses sake=}

Carrie Hoeschen
Thanks Casey and Shawn!! We had a GREAT time down in Winona really well run show and we really appreciate it. Looking forward to next year!!

Angela Gaarder Fouquette
Thanks for the great weekend!

Angela Gaarder Fouquette
It was a great weekend in Winona fun hanging out with all my barrel racing friends and Slater ran great!! He is turning out to be the best horse I have ever owned! Casey Lorenz-Varpness and Shawn sure no how to put on a great barrel Race!

Sharon Munn
Incredible Job! had a great time and what a great show you all put on!!! Hope you and Shawn get to take a break and put your feet up.. :-)

Johnnye Hauser
Had a great time! Will come again! :)

Betsy Kuschel
Great show, guys. Hope you could relax last night and chill. No one knows how much fun it is producing a show until you do one.

Sam Bell-Sorensen
Thank you Shawn and Casey for such a fun and exciting/crazy/scary weekend lol!! You two are awesome! Tell Shawn thanks for looking out for DJ and I when I lost my reins today, it could have been disasterous but thankfully we came to a stop safely and no one else was hurt.

Bruce Krabbenhoft
Thanks for an awesome weekend. Tell Shawn to have a fun week.

Corrine Smith
Casey! We had such a great time this weekend! Loved the arena and the event was run sooo well!!!..GREAT job!!..can't wait to come again!

Kristin Whitaker
And thanks for the great prizes too!! Had a blast!

Cowpokes Western Shop
Had a great weekend in Winona at the MN Equestrian Center in Winona. Shawn, Casey
Lorenz-Varpness and all their help put on an awesome show!

Jolene Wester Jones
Thanks Casey, Shaun and crew. Awesome job and great attention to detail as always. Congratulations on nice runs as well.

Chris Rehbein
You all did an awesome job putting on a, great show! -thank you for everything.

Amber Hultman
Had another AWESOME weekend!! Pulled in 3 big checks and my Futurity horse got 3rd in the 2D average winning us a nice bronc halter!! Thank you Casey Lorenz-Varpness and Shawn for another nice weekend :)

Angie Smith Murray
What a nice show at MEC this weekend, you and your staff are so organized~ GREAT JOB :)

Tom Liebert:

Lisa Nelson
Awesome show this weekend! U guys do an amazing job!

Ben McDonnell
Great job this weekend, everyone has a blast. Show went very smooth!

Nikki Smith:

Kelly Riesselman
Thanks so much for putting on another excellent event! Troy and I love coming to your shows! We had a great time! As always, you guys really went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly, and everyone had a safe and fun time!

Jennifer Wilson Slabaugh
Thanks Shawn and Casey Lorenz-Varpness for putting on an awesome barrel race at MEC this weekend. Also thanks are due to Douglas Olson for letting me borrow Diesel he was a rock star

*** NEW at this Race" Cowgirl Tuff Cimarron Sizzler Open awards.
For each open run if you win a check your name will go in a drawing. Each day we will give a way 1 Flip Video Camera, 1 MEC Vest, 1 $50 Gift Cert to Fleet Farm plus many other great awards.

Beth Check Casey your shows are the best!!!!!

yeah ditto all that, you guys do a great job! Thanks.

GREAT event and GREAT time! :)

Tri State Futurity & Derby June 8-10, 2011

Casey Lorenz-Varpness
Tri State barrel race paid out $21,117.50 plus gave out over $4,000 in awards.

Sam Bell-Sorensen
Sure wish I could have been there also!! Can't wait for the Cimarron Sizzler!

Casey Lorenz-Varpness
Wants to thank everyone that attended the Tri State Futurity event at the MEC last weekend. It was a Huge success! I want to thank our sponsors, staff, friends, family that all helped make this event so great.

Amber Hultman
Had a great weekend a the Tri-State Futurity in Winona!! My five year old got 2nd in the 2D on Saturday and 3rd in 2D on Sunday, along with 4th in the average in the futurity, yay!! So proud of the little girl :) THANK YOU to Sean and Casey Lorenz-Varpness for putting on an awesome show at a beautiful arena! See you again in July!

Jamie Murphy
Great show guys!!! Huge success!!!

Chrystal Richter Thank you Casey and Shawn!! It was great time! Can't wait till July :)

Missy Bartelt Dahms
Just wanted to let you know that I had a great weekend & you guys did a great job!!! Congrats on your 1st successful Futurity & Derby!!!!

Natalie Leske
Thank you so much for putting on a great barrel race this weekend. We had a great time! Enjoyed all of it!

Barb Manor Bauer
Had a fun weekend!

Kelly Riesselman
Troy and I want to thank you guys for putting on a well-run & fun event this weekend! We appreciate the effort you put in to make everything run so smoothly! Thanks you!

Lauren DeRouchey
Thanks for putting on a great show this weekend!

Brenna Donnelly
You and shawn did a great job this weekend putting on the barrel race! See u next time

Kasey Stewart
Great show!! See you next time!!

Bo Hill
Casey and Shawn, thanks for having me up this week..great event, you guys work hard and it shows. Enjoyed the clinic, and meeting new faces, great bunch of people.

Carla Jean Doelle
Thanks Casey and Shawn for a GREAT weekend of barrel racing! You run a top-notch show!!!

Deb Smith
^5 to You, Shawn and the entire staff of SC Productions, what a wonderful weekend ! Everything was amazing :)

Kelly Neisius Yes it was!!!They did a great job.

Kricket Gintner
This weekend was SOOOOO much fun, girl!!!! Great job! :-)

Alison Fradenburgh
Great barrel race this weekend. Very professional production!

Donna Kalish
Hey! had a great time. Thanks for havin us, u guys RRRRRRRRRRRRRR GRRreat!

Lynette Listner Beckman
Thank you for putting on such a nice show as usual. Thought it ran great!! Had a wonderful time on my horse "lawnchair"

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